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Ventura is a dynamic database. With an easy to use interface, you can create data blueprints and then use those blueprints to create data entities. Whether you just want to store information or have greater ambitions for your data, Ventura is made for you.

Tell us who you are & we'll tell you what Ventura is about

Let's say you have a data driven website and want to add a new field to an existing table.

  1. Log in
  2. Add the column to the blueprint
  3. Done

The way you consume that data doesn't change and Ventura is automatically updated to show the new column.

... no stored procedure updates,
no data access layer updates,
no admin panel updates.

Building and Managing a data driven website with Ventura is easy.

Adding data to your template is easy.

Easy to build

Any data that you create can be accessed with a simple, universal templating language - no PHP or ASP.Net experience required.

Easy to use

Most content management systems force your data to fit their model. Ventura shapes itself to fit your data.

Stop using spreadsheets to manage your data and start storing it in the cloud.

Organise Your Data

Ventura's powerful XML based query language lets you find and report on the data you need faster.

Paper Trail

Ventura's built in audit log lets you know who made each change and when.

Linked Data

Data works better when it has friends, which is why Ventura lets you easily link entities together in different ways.

What is it?

At its heart Ventura lets the user not only create and modify data but to edit the blueprints upon which the data is built.

Data Interface Ventura dynamically creates an interface to that data when you need to make changes.

Data Portal Ever needed to make your data accesible to multiple applications? Ventura handles this for you, making all the data you create via secure API calls.

Data Enabler All entity types are essentially the same, so adding new fields won't require updating your client data models - you can just consume them right away.

Whatever you want from Ventura, we'll host it for you.

We use Ventura every day to manage thousands of entities, and we love it so much that we're making it available to everyone else.

You can manage your entire website through our hosted package and with our team working on new developments all the time you'll always be up to date and on the cutting edge.

Get in touch and find out what Ventura can do for your business.